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Bare Hook Sockeye Rig

I didn’t believe it the first time I heard about catching fish on bare hooks, but it works.  This first become popular in Lake Washington fishing for sockeye, and has sense been used successfully in other locations and other other species.  I’ve caught sockeye on bare hooks at Baker Lake, Lake Wenatchee and Brewster Pool.

For more information about sockeye fishing and rigs, please checkout the sockeye page.

What you need is:

To tie it:

  1. Tie the first hook on with an egg loop knot
  2. Slide the second hook into position – usually almost touching
  3. Tie the second hook with an egg loop knot
  4. Measure your leader to the desired length and tie a surgeon’s loop
  5. Trim the tag ends

That is all there is too it.

I’ve made a video which shows exactly how I do it:

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