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Sockeye Hoochie Rig

Hoochies, which some people call plastic squids, are a well know effective lure for all salmon species.  They are easy to make and just require a few things.

These lures are effective at Baker Lake, Lake Wenatchee, Brewster Pool, Columbia River and Lake Washington for those sockeye.

Parts Needed

Just a few things are needed to tie a hoochie rig.  These instructions are targeted at sockeye, but the steps are the same for other species – from trout and kokanee to king salmon.  You just downsize or upsize the parts.

Tying Steps

  1. Cut the leader to several inches longer than the final lure should be
  2. Tie the first hook on the end using an egg loop knot
  3. Slide second hook down the line
  4. Hold next to hoochie to determine desired hook spacing. I like having the rear hook back to serve as a stinger hook.
  5. Secure second hook with an egg loop knot
  6. Slide bead(s) down line until it gives the desired space between head of hoochie and first hook
  7. Slide hoochie down the line until firmly seated with beads in the head
  8. Measure completed assembly and tie surgeon’s loop at desired length

And you are done!

I’ve also made a video of the steps.


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