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The Best Kokanee Dodger Storage

I admit it, I am a kokanee fishing addict.  This comes as no surprise to those who know me.   Like any good kokanee addict I am also addicted to buying kokanee fishing gear – rods, reels, spinners, beads, hoochies, and of course dodgers.

Early on finding storage for the dodgers was easy.  I just removed a few dividers from a plano box, and I had enough room for a few dodgers.

Sooner or later I’d always find myself back at the tackle shop, walking out with a couple more dodgers in the bag.  It wasn’t long until I needed more room to store all those dodgers.

I then bought a Fish Time Dodger Wallet.  The 6 pockets could squeeze in 2 dodgers each (although it was bit tight).  That means it could hold 12 dodgers.  The wallet worked fairly well.  I did have to make sure the dodgers were completely dry before putting them away, since the plastic pocket would trap any water.    Eventually my collection out grew the wallet, and I started looking for a better solution.

In the meantime I had bought a Silver Horde Flasher bag for my 11” flashers.  (or here is a similar one from a different brand) I really liked it – it was clear on one side and a rubber mesh on the other.  This allowed visibility and any excess moisture to dry off.

I thought something similar, only with smaller pockets, would be great for my kokanee and sockeye dodgers.  I was even considering designing one, and finding someone skilled in sewing to make it for me.  However I knew it wouldn’t be cheap, between materials and paying someone for their time.

Then one day a friend sent me a link to this vented Kokanee flasher organizer.    It looked like exactly what I had been looking for, so I ordered one right away.  When it arrived, I transferred my 0000 dodgers and similar sized sling blades into it.  It is great.  The material is a rubber mesh on both sides, so it will not trap moisture.  The pockets are big enough to hold 5 dodgers easily in each one.  And it folds into a nice sized bundle for storage.

I liked it so much that I bought a second.  In that one I loaded all my 00 dodgers I use for sockeye.  The 00 dodgers, which are about 6 inches long, fit fine in the pockets.  The most I tried to put into a pocket was 3.  My one complaint is I wish the pockets were just a little longer, like half an inch, as it does get a little tight when folding it up.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to store your dodgers, I highly recommend giving this vented Kokanee dodger organizer a try.

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