Me with a Spring Chinook from Drano Lake
Me with a Spring Chinook from Drano Lake

My name is Nathan and I love fishing.

I grew up fishing for trout in the mountain lakes of Colorado with my dad.  Now that I live in the Northwest I’ve discovered the joy of chasing salmon and steelhead as well.

For the last 7 years I’ve seriously fished our local waters – focusing on trout, kokanee, salmon and steelhead.

In addition to time on the water, I’ve invested time in researching about fish, their environment and fishing techniques.  I’ve combined this with a scientific approach – systematically experimenting with different tackle, rigs and techniques.

I fish year round, as much as I can get out.  The result is that I’m rarely skunked, and always improving.

I created this website because I enjoy teaching others to be better anglers.  My goal is to provide high quality content that will be informative and interesting.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you want to contact me you can do it via email or Facebook.

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  1. Hey Nathan,

    Love your site and how you share great info on fishing year round. I started fishing in Nov. of 2016 from the bank. Tough start but it got better and actually surprised me as time went on. Got a pontoon in March of 2017 and it’s been a crazy ride since. I had some knowledge lake fishing when I was a youngster up to my lower teens and some Salmon Fishing knowledge too. The main thing in your site was Fall Fishing at Offutt Lake, which I did well from the dock but also where I learned about Munn Lake. Limited at Offutt and went to Munn where I caught a 7-8 Bow from the shore. Since the Munn is my main lake even though it is an hour away. First Crappie at the small lake adjoining Munn called Susan about 1 year ago from today. Caught fish trolling and still fishing with a Bobber and Micro Jig called a Trout Magnet at Munn and also started to fly fish. Caught 5 species on Mothers Day there and 4 of the Trout were 3-4lbs in the TM. (Bluegill, Crappie, Bow’s, LMB and Perch)

    Caught over 100 planted Trout at Lost Lake, caught a 4-5lbs LMB at Susan, Caught Crappie and other fish at Coulon where I live a few minutes away. Caught over 100 big guys planted at Beaver over the 3 Months and 15 in one day. Recently caught over 200 planters at Beaver too. Killing it at Rattlesnake recently.

    So much fun….I am a C and R guy and never keep any type of fish. Fish only single hook and barbless. If I get a chance, I help people catch fish, mainly if there is a kid along. Have put my rod in kids hands to do the catching, even a 3-4 Bow.

    Some of my fav lures are, Kastmaster, Mag Lips 2.5 and now the 2.0, Trout Magnets, Neddlefish and Dick Nite’s.

    Your site and a few others have really helped me in my journey. Thanks for the great info and your willingness to help others.

    I would love to do my own site (blog) but have no idea how to. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    I only fish Ultralight and from a Pontoon so I can only help certain people, but I would love to reach out to more of them.

    Thanks again,

    Bob Gomavitz

    1. Glad to hear you are enjoying fishing and having success. I’m glad that you’ve found my site helpful.

      WRT starting your own site – If you are just looking to share some of your learnings and insights then going to someplace like wordpress.com or blogger.com is a free and easy way to start.

  2. I really liked the info on making your own dodgers. Curious I f Hagens is a good site to buy from? When I went to make a purchase it came out in a six digit cost. Did you have similar issues? Im looking for a bulk supplier for dodgers.

    1. I have ordered from hagens, and been satisfied with my order. Since they sell in bulk one needs to be careful otherwise quantities and prices go up fast. You can order below the min amount for an item, but an extra charge ($1 last time I ordered) is added per line item. The best thing to do is split the order with some friends, and each make several dodgers. If you really want to just make a couple there are a few resellers out there that order in bulk from hagens, break it down into smaller quantities for selling. Your price per item will be higher but overall cost lower since you’ll buy 2 or 3 rather than 25.

      Another idea is buy a plain chrome dodger at your favorite tackle shop and then customize from there. This is the most costly per item, but makes sense if you just want to do 1

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