Pink Salmon

Different Pink Salmon Trolling Rig

If you are out at a place like Humpy Hollow trolling for pink salmon you will notice that just about everyone is doing the same thing – a pink hoochie behind a white flasher.

This setup is classic and works great.  However sometimes it pays off to do something a little different that the fish haven’t been seeing all day.

One day this setup accounted for about 75% of the take downs while pink fishing, out of 3 rods.

The setup is really simple.

First get a pink spoon.  I like using the Strawberries N’ Cream Tailwagger ones.  But spoons without hoochie tails work, as do other typical salmon colors.

Pink Salmon Spoon

Then tie one about 3 feet of leader.  15-20 pound should be fine.

Tie the other end of the leader to an inline flasher, like a Fish Flash or similar.  For pink salmon a pink flasher would be a classic setup.  But other colors like silver, chartreuse, red racer, cop car, purple haze – essentially any typical salmon color scheme – would work well.

Pink Salmon Spoon and Flasher

Then attach the other end of the flasher to your mainline.  Then put it down on the downrigger and troll around like you normally would.

Then reel in fish after fish while everyone else sticks with the same old thing.  (At least if that is what the fish are in the mood for).

Good luck and tight lines.


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