Tackle, Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon Twitching Jigs Variants

My favorite jig for pink salmon is the Marabou Twitching jig.  But sometimes other lures work better, or it is just nice to switch it up.

Here are a couple different styles of jigs I sometimes tie and use.

For more information on pink salmon fishing – lures, techniques and locations – please see the Pink Salmon page.

This jig has the marabou tied lower on the hook shank, and then has white chenille wrapped near the head.

Alternate Pink Salmon Jig 2

This one has a bunny tail, and then pink dubbing for the body.  Then some flashabou tied in at the head like soft hackle.

Alternate Pink Salmon Jig 1

The main point is to experiment and try different things out.  You might find a pattern that works really great.

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