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Tying a Bunny and Marabou Twitching Jig

A variant on the basic marabou twitching jig is to use a strip of rabbit fur for the tail.  This is a nice because you can make a longer tail than with just marabou.  Pink salmon and coho love going after twitching jigs.

Please review the information for tying the Marabou Twitching jig, as this jig is very similar.

The tools you’ll need are:

For materials you’ll need:

For more information about fishing for pink salmon – lures, techniques and locations – please check out the Pink Salmon page.

First prepare the hook with thread, just like for the marabou jig.

Then when you are ready to add the tail, take a strip of the rabbit fur.  You’ll notice the fur lays down in one direction.  That direction is what we will call the back of the strip.  Cut some of the hairs away from the front of the strip, to make it easier to tie in.

Pink Salmon Bunny Jig Tying - Part 1

Then gently, but firmly, start wrapping the thread around the front of the strip, until it is firmly tied in.

After it is tied in, cut the strip to the desired length.  Be careful to cut the skin, not the fur – as you’ll want that that end bit of fur to provide movement.

Pink Salmon Bunny Jig Tying - Part 2

Now you can finish the jig by tying in 3 clumps of marabou at the head – just like for the marabou jig.  Build up a thread head, whip finish and you are done.

Its a bit hard to tell in this picture, but you can see the bunny strip hanging out the of back.  I probably cut this tail a little bit too short.

Pink Salmon Bunny Jig Typing - Part 3


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