Stupid Sockeye Tricks – Scent on Dodger

Here is another handy trick when targeting sockeye.  We all know that sockeye like a bit of scent to help trigger the bite.  Often we get this scent by adding a bit of bait to the hook, but there is another way.

Assuming you are using a setup similar to the ones described here, then you can add bait to the hook.  Bait is great, but it isn’t perfect.  It can sometimes be hard to find, get left at home, go bad, or simply fall off the hook.

So instead (or in addition to) the bait you can use some commercial scent.  You should use the gel type scent, so it will stick on stuff and not wash off.

Applying the scent to the lure can sometimes gum up the spinner blade or hoochie legs.  So instead you can apply it to the back of the dodger.

Usually the back of the dodger is easy to identify as it is the side w/o paint or stickers.  Here is the picture of the front of a typical dodger.

Unscented sockeye dodger

Take your scent and squirt some on the back.  Then with your finger, spread it around a little.

Scent on sockeye dodger

You’ll find that the scent will stay on all day, although it doesn’t hurt to refresh it every once in a while.

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