Pink Salmon

Alternate Pink Salmon Flashers and Dodgers

It seems like everyone uses the same plain white flasher when trolling in saltwater for pink salmon.

Sometimes it is good to have something just a little different to entice the fish to bite your gear instead of someone else’s.

Here are some alternatives that work great, but don’t stray too far from the typical setup.

Pink Salmon Dodgers and Flashers

Leftmost is a size 0 dodger.  I added a pink sticker to it on the downward facing side.

Second from the left is the typical 8″ white flasher, but with a pink sticker on both sides of it.

Third is the standard 11″ white flasher – for comparison.

Right most is a 11″ flasher with a pink gradient paint and scale sticker.  You can find this flasher at tackle shops which have a good collection for sale.

Give them a try and you might be surprised how well they can work instead of the classic white.

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