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Duwamish River Access

The Duwamish river is the last bit of the Green river before it empties into the Sound.  Running through an industrial area it isn’t very scenic, but is host to some decent runs of salmon.

Looking at a map now one might be confused why the Green river changes its name to Duwamish as it approaches Puget Sound.  The reason is because the Duwamish used to be where the Green river met the White and Black rivers.

The White river changed course naturally and now flows into the Puyallap.  The Black river dried up between re-routing the Cedar river and the Ship Canal lowering the level of Lake Washington several feet.

It offers some decent bank fish locations and 1 publish boat launch.

Several marinas exist on the river and offer piers and boat launches.  As these are not generally open to the  public I didn’t list them on my map.  However if you are interested you can find information about them here.

As with all my fishing maps, the information is to use at your own risk.  Exercise judgment and stay safe during your fishing adventures.  Additional access points can be found by those willing to explore – however be mindful of private property.

For information on how to fish for Pink Salmon is located on the Pink Salmon page.

For information about Coho, check out the Coho page.

Spokane Street Bridge 

This is a popular spot for bank fishing.  Information about it can be found here.

Herrings House Park

This is a park operated by the City of Seattle.  It has some bank access.

1st Street Boat Launch

This is a public motorized boat launch located underneath the 1st Street bridge, off of South River Street.  I believe it is operated by the City of Seattle, however their web site doesn’t list it.

Duwamish Waterfront Park

This is another park operated by the City of Seattle and it has some bank access.  According to the web site one can hand launch small boats there.

Codiga Park

This park is operated by the City of Tukwila.

Fort Dent Park

This is another park operated by the City of Tukwila.  Technically this part is on the Green river, I understand, but decided to include it here anyway.

Duwamish River Bank Access

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