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Make that fly dance

When fishing stillwaters with flies it is usually the movement of the fly which attracts the trout and causes them to bite.

One way to do this is in how you perform the retrieve.  Jerks and pauses add the illusion that the fly is alive and triggers that strike.

However sometimes this can get tiring, or even frustrating if you can’t hit on that right pattern of movement.

One thing which can help – especially on days when the bite is off – is to add a product called a WiggleFin ActionDisc.  This device can be placed in front of a fly and provides an erratic action.

My favorite way to set it up is with a small bead between the fly and the disc.  This helps achieve the right effect, while also adding a bit of fish attracting color.  Like this.


This works best with fly patterns that have flowing hackle or tail, as that allows the fly to have the most motion.

If you cast and retrieve this setup, then in your retrieve maintain a fairly constant retrieve.  You should do this fast enough that you feel the drag of the disk and a bit of the wiggle.

Personally I don’t like that drag while I strip in line, so I usually use this setup when trolling.

When trolling with the disc you’ll want to maintain enough speed to see your rod tip wiggle slightly.

When using this setup be prepared for some savage hits as the fish make sure this tasty treat doesn’t get away.

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