Stupid Sockeye Tricks – Dodger Enhancement

Earlier I talked about the basics of fishing for sockeye.  Well, I’m always looking for ways to improve my game and get more fish in the boat.

Adding a bit of UV flash to your dodger can help you get more fish in the boat.

We start with a standard dodger, like this one

Plain Dodger

Then we get some UV reflective lure tape, like this

UV Tape

Then we simply cut a piece of the tape of the size and shape we want, and stick it on the dodger.

Modified Dodger

We can then attach our sockeye rig to the dodger like we normally do and start fishing.

For additional sockeye fishing tips and tricks, please check this out.

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    I am trying to find the dodger shown in the image in this article. It has the 5 positioning holes on one end. The link points to a completely different one. Can you please provide the name and possible web link to this item.

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