Stupid Sockeye Tricks – Peak-a-boo UV flash

By now I’m sure you are familiar with the basics of trolling for sockeye, and are looking for stuff to take your game to the next level.

We all know that salmon see into the UV range, and having a little UV in your lures can help get some bites.In a previous trick we showed how you can add a bit of UV to your dodger.  Well you can also to the same thing with your lures.

In particular you can add some UV to the spinner blades.

Simply take that UV tape and cut a small piece that can fit inside the spinner blade.  Then stick it in.  You can make it any shape you want, but I usually start with a square and trim the corners a bit.

The result is a UV “peek-a-boo” effect that fish will see as the blade spins around.

Peek a boo UV spinner blades

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