Stupid Sockeye Tricks – Mainline Spinner

This sockeye trick goes beyond the basics and into advanced techniques that can make the difference when fishing is hard.  This is also a good strategy for places like Lake Wenatchee where bait is not allowed.We know that sockeye like the flash of spinner blades.  But we often use dodgers instead of gang trolls, as we know sockeye allow like the erratic motion the dodger imparts to the lure.

Well there is a way to combine both – by adding a spinner blade to your mainline in front of the dodger.

In this example I’m using a Smile Blade, but a typical metal spinner blade, like Colorado Style and a clevis can also be used.  In fact if you use a metal spinner blade you can use gold or silver, and add a UV peak-a-boo.

What you do is:

  • Cut off anything you have on the end of your mainline, like a snap swivel
  • Thread on the spinner blade
  • Thread on 2 or 3 beads – to act as bearings and to keep the spinner off the snap swivel
  • Tie your snap swivel back on

Mainline spinner

You can now proceed to rig up like you normally would, which for me is attaching a dodger to the snap.

The result looks something like this.

Mainline spinner and dodger

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