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Hood Canal Spot Shrimp

Recently a friend took me out to Hood Canal – off Puget Sound – to do some fishing for spot shrimp.  He and his family are experts in this fishery, and we easily limited out the boat.  To learn how to go for spot shrimp, check out Tracy’s article.

I hope you enjoy the video….

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1 thought on “Hood Canal Spot Shrimp

  1. You asked for tips of what others do. I have little exp knowing how long a prawn lives out of water. So when I bring my pot up I already have a bucket of fresh salt water I put them In It then sort. Toss any small ones or ones with eggs back to the ocean. I regularity replace the bucket water with fresh salt water. I figure a bucket of live prawns will quickly use up the oxygen. Also when observing the original bucket of water gets dirty quick. Poop or whatever. By dumping the water and replacing with fresh salt water several times it’s like they get to cleanse themselves. And I’m finding keeping them live, rinsing them when I do pull the tails off I don’t have the black vein. If I let them die or as they r dieing I get the black vein. Word is the black vein contains a enzyme which negatively taints the meat. Compare a tail you’ve taken off a fiesty fresh prawn compared to a prawn that’s died with the tail on. Yes I let just a few die with tail on but just for presentation at the table.
    Also if I’m at the prawn retail store and compare head on vs head off the meat looks completely different. Head on its white. Head off it’s translucent.

    Let’s talk eating heads. Japanese restaurants some times offer deep fried or at least cooked heads. Crunchy and yummy. Seems a waste to toss them.

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