Beaver Lake Follies

The broodstock plant at Beaver Lake in the City of Sammamish, located in King County, is kinda like Pink Salmon – it seems like all the crazies come out of the woodwork to fish it.

After writing the fishing report, I thought it would be interesting to share some of these stories, from things I saw this year.  I hope you will find humor in them, and maybe take away how to be a more courteous fisherman.

Being Prepared To Use The Launch

Several times I saw people pull up to the launch (either to launch or retrieve) that were totally unprepared to use the launch.  Since the launch is only big enough for 1 vehicle at a time, this causes massive congestion.

Before backing up to launch, take the time to transfer gear to your boat, undo straps, etc..  If you have a car topper, then consider off loading your gear to an area on the side before blocking the launch.

It’s a Boat Launch Dude!

Some bank fishermen like fishing from the boat launch at the lake, instead of the park on the other side.  Largely this is fine.  However a few people forget it is a boat launch and get upset at people launching and retrieving their boat.

If you are one of those bank fishermen, then remember it is a boat launch first, and a fishing spot second.  If you can’t handle that, then I suggest fishing elsewhere.  Otherwise remember you may need to bring your line in when the launch is busy, or move to the edges of the launch.

Stay Out of My Spot!

I’ve been yelled at, and seen others yelled at, by people who think a given “spot” is there personal area to fish.

Remember the lake is a public resource and you don’t have any more right to a given spot than anyone else.  People may fish close – either on anchor or trolling by.  Unless they are actually interfering with your fishing, then take a chill pill and relax.

If you value seclusion in your fishing, then consider fishing at a less popular lake.

A Net Out Is Not An Invitation

I’ve had experiences where we will get a fish in my boat, and then are soon crowded by other people.  Having a net out isn’t a flag waving to invite you over.  I’m sure you don’t want people crowding you, so don’t crowd others.

If you are having a hard time catching, then focus on your presentation and depth before changing location.  The fish are spread throughout the lake and there are many good spots.

Although it does give me a laugh to have people leave their spot to go to where I last caught a fish, and then I move to where they were at and then get some fish on.

Drag Is A Good Thing

I see people lose those larger broodstock fish all the time.  The number one reason is their drag is way too tight.  If the fish can’t pull out any line, then expect something to give – if not the line then maybe the hook will pull out.

One year 25% of the fish I caught had broken off line sticking out of their mouth from anglers (mostly bait fishermen) who hooked the fish and then had it break off due to tight drag.

Loosen the drag so the fish can pull out line with a few pounds of pressure.  For the most part there is no problem with letting the fish have a few short runs.

Bait Ain’t That Great

The majority of people fishing for these fish use bait.  Let me tell ya – bait ain’t that great.  I have much more success with these fish once I switched to using artificial lures.  There are several reasons for this, I feel.  One of which is with the cold water these fish aren’t cruising around looking for food, like they would in spring and summer.

Make the switch!  You will catch more fish, and be able to do ethical catch and release.  However be prepared for some learning curve – don’t expect to bang out easy limits the first time to start using hardware.

The Fish Aren’t Impressed By Your Casts

I’ll see people all the time – both from bank and boat – that seem to think that the farther they cast the more likely they are to catch fish.

These fish are not boat shy.  I’ve caught them 5 feet from the boat on a consistent basis.  If you are casting more than 20 feet from your boat, then all you are doing is making it harder for people to see where you are fishing and give you plenty of space.

From shore if you are casting far out then you are likely casting right over the fish.  Many times I’ve wanted to fish right between where you are casting and shore…

Pick A Lane

All the time I see people in boats anchor up and then everyone casts different directions (usually as far as possible).

Such behavior is rude as you create a huge bubble around yourself that will cause conflict with other anglers and boats.

It also shows a lack of understanding of where the fish are at, and therefore isn’t effective.  It is much better to understand where the fish are and then focus in those areas.


2015 Beaver Lake Broodstock 5


Well I guess this wound up being more of a rant, than the collection of funny stories I intended.  But if it helps a few people be better and more courteous anglers, then I suppose it is worth it.

Good luck out there.

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