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Making Pink Salmon Hoochie Jigs

Hoochie jigs are really simple to make and can be very effective.

Even though you can buy these jigs commercially, they are cheaper to make yourself – which also lets you get them just the way you like them.

You don’t need any tools for this.  For materials you’ll need:

You can find more information about fishing for pink salmon – lures, techniques and locations – at the Pink Salmon page.

For a mini hoochie jig:

  • Take your jig head
  • Slide the mini hoochie up the hook until it is at the head of the jig
  • Add a little super glue to keep it in position

And that is it.  Once the glue is dry you can immediately fish with it.

For the larger hoochies

  • Cut a small hole on the head for the hook eye to stick out of
  • Push the jig head into the head of the hoochie – lining up the hook eye with the cut you made
  • You can add a few drops of super glue if you want, but it is usually not needed

You can customize the setup if you want as well.  Some ideas are:

  • Tie some flashabou onto the hook
  • Attach a stinger hook

Making Pink Salmon Hoochie Jigs

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