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Skykomish River Bank Access for Steelhead and Salmon

The Skykomish river is a well known and popular river for all salmon species, and steelhead.  It contains a number of boat launches and access points.

In this post I’ll cover the bank access points and boat launches.

The Skykomish combines with the Snoqualmie to form the Snohomish river.  Even though the Snoqualmie gets its share of fish, the majority of all species head up the Skykomish.

It is a great river with various types of water for the fish to hold or travel in.

As with all locations I share, this is intended as starter locations.   As you explore you’ll discover additional spots.  During your adventures please respect private property and clean up after yourself.

For tips, tricks and techniques on how to catch the various species check out these resources:

Be safe in your fishing and hiking, and use this information and access spots at your own risk.

Pink Salmon Skykmoish River Bank Access

A) Baehlor

This is a WDFW access point with a drift boat slide.

B) Reformatory Hole

Named after the nearby prison, it is a set of small access points right off the road.

C) Skykomish River Park

This is a park owned by the city of Monroe.  It has some river access.

D) Lewis Street Park

This is a WDFW access boat and boat launch.

E) Al Borlin park

This is a park owned by the city of Monroe, and it has some river access.

F) Hammer

This is a WDFW access point.

G) Sultan Sportsman Park

This is the site of a WDFW boat launch, as well as some bank fishing.  It is also the mouth of the Sultan river.

H) Cracker Bar

This is the gravel bar across the river from Sultan.  The WDFW has parking nearby.

I) Mouth of the Wallace River

The mouth of the Wallace is a spot for bank fishing.  Access is through the town at Startup.

J) Simmons

This is a WDFW trail with access to the river.

K) Ben Howard

This is a WDFW boat launch.

L) Big Eddy

This is a WDFW access point and boat launch.

M) Reiter Ponds

Access is immediately downstream of the Reiter Hatchery.  Very popular spot for steelhead.

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8 thoughts on “Skykomish River Bank Access for Steelhead and Salmon

  1. Mouth of the Wallace is not accessible. Local Residents enforce no trespassing and BNSF will cite anyone caught on the RR tracks. An individual was killed recently by the train. Remove this site for common sense and liability reasons.

    1. Great reminder to be mindful of private property, and stay safe. It also is good to be aware of the laws governing use of public waterways – you may have the right to float/wade in a given river if you can get there without trespassing. I’m not an expert in those laws, so don’t know if that applies to the Wallace or Skykomish.

  2. Hi there, Im trying to target springers from the bank on the Sky. Was looking for advice on a setup?…. Thanks

    1. There is no single best spot as where the fish are depend on time and conditions. Also some people prefer spots that one has to hike to and are less busy, while others like more accessible spots. That said cracker bar is one of my favorite spots.

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