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Stillaguamish River Bank Access For Steelhead And Salmon

The Stillaguamish is often overlooked with the attention the Skagit and Snohomish systems get.  But it can be a great place to fish.

In this post I’ll cover access locations which can be used to fish from the bank, or in some cases launch a boat.

As always use this information as a starting place for your fishing adventures.  Many more access locations exist if you explore.  As you do so please respect private property and clean up after yourself.

For tips, tricks and techniques on how to catch the various species check out these resources:

Be safe, and use these access points and information at your own risk.

This covers the area from the mouth of the river to the town of Arlington where the river forks.

Pink Salmon Stillaguamish Bank Access Map

A) Hat Slough Boat Launch

This is a WDFW boat launch.  See the WDFW site for more information.

B) Strotz

This is a WDFW access site.  See the WDFW site for more information.

C) 220th Street

This is a turnout almost right under I5 with room to park a few vehicles.

D) Dike Road

One can park along this road to get access to a nearby gravel bar.

E) Haller Park

This is a city park which has parking and beach access.

F) Twin River Park

This is a county park which has parking and access to the river.

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