Stupid Sockeye Tricks – Dry Cure Grocery Store Shrimp

Here is yet another stupid sockeye trick.  From the basics we know that sockeye, like other salmon, like a bit of scent.  It can help trigger a bite.   We can get that scent through commercial scents, or by adding a piece of bait.

Sand shrimp and cured coon stripe shrimp are popular choices, but can sometimes be hard to obtain – especially at the height of the season.An alternative is using shrimp from the grocery store.

I prefer to use shrimp which is wild caught, instead of farmed.  I know it makes a difference to my taste buds, so I have to believe that the fish can tell the difference too.  I use unshelled raw shrimp, but anything should work.

Since it isn’t a whole shrimp it doesn’t need to be cured the way that coon stripe shrimp does, but it does help to do a little processing to enhance its flavor.

The basis for this processing is a commercial dry cure.  Everything you need is:

  • Shrimp
  • Dry cure
  • Any other additives you want
  • Container to put it in

I also use latex gloves to avoid contaminating the bait.

First I assemble all the ingredients.  For an add-in, I’m using Fire Power krill powder.

Dry Shrimp Cure Ingredients

Then I put a layer of shrimp in the container and sprinkle on the cure and Fire Power.

Adding Dry Shrimp Cure

I repeat this process until I’ve added all the shrimp I want to do.

Then attach the lid and GENTLY roll it around to ensure the shrimp gets evenly coated.

Finished Dry Shrimp Cure

Now let it sit in the refrigerator for about a day, rolling it around a couple times a day.

The shrimp is then ready to fish.

If kept cool the bait should be good for a week or so.  Beyond that I recommend making up a new batch.  Even if you feel it is still good, why take a chance on old bait when making up a new batch is so relatively easy and cheap?

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