Attaching Roe with an Egg Loop

Roe can be a deadly bait for salmon and steelhead, but that doesn’t matter if your roe falls off when you cast it.  Securely attaching the roe to your hook is essential for success.

I’ll assume you’ve already tied up your drift fishing leader.  If not please refer to the gear page for rigging instructions.

First get your leader out and ready.

Rigging With Roe - Part 1

Next cut a piece of roe that is roughly the size of a quarter.  The best pieces have a bit of the skein membrane still attached.

Rigging With Roe - Part 2

Now open the egg loop on the hook

Rigging With Roe - Part 3

Take the hook and put it through that bit of skein membrane.  Then move part of the roe into the egg loop.

Gently snug down the egg loop.  Between the hook and the loop the roe should be held in place.

Rigging With Roe - Part 4

Remember when you are casting to gently lob it.  Otherwise the best hook and egg loop will not be able to hold your bait on.

Don’t forget to check out the tackle and gear pages.

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