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Beware The Moon Jelly!

Moon Jelly lure tape has been around for a while, although hasn’t always had the cool name.  It is very popular for lure building as it is a very UV reflective material.

You can find it by searching for “moon jelly tape” or “UV tape” or “UV blue tape”.

While building some dodgers recently with some lure tape I bought on eBay I discovered an interesting thing – they aren’t all the same.

Some brands of this tape are 2 layers – the transparent UV layer on top and a bottom white layer.  Others are just the transparent UV layer.

Here are the 2 tapes on a chrome dodger.  The 1 layer tape is on the left and 2 layer on the right.  You can tell the 2 layer stands out a bit more from the chrome.

Here are the same dodgers under a UV light.  Again the 1 layer on the left and 2 layer on the right.  While the 1 layer does add UV reflection to the dodger, the 2 layer stands out more.

This can make a big difference, depending on how you plan to use it.  If placed on a white surface they would probably look similar.  But on a dark surface it would make a huge difference.

Delta Tackle’s tape is the white backed 2 layer that will look the same no matter what surface you put it on.  Mad River just came out with their moon jelly tape, and according to the writeup it is also 2 layer.

Norisada’s tape is the 1 layer transparent tape.  This is best used where you want the underlying color to come through a bit.  Probably works best for lighter colors.

I hope this bit of information helps you out.

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