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Rigging a Twitching Hoochie

In a post about coho fishing I mentioned the twitching hoochie. Here are detailed steps on how to rig it up.

You will need a full size hoochie.  You’ll likely want to stick with typical coho colors, like red or pink.

You’ll also need a bullet weight in the 1/4 to 1/2 oz range.

For hooks get 2 octopus style hooks, something from size 2 to 4/0.

First cut your leader to the desired length, usually 3 to 4 feet.  Then tie on the first hook.  Using the hoochie as a guide tie on the second hook so that one will sit below the head of the hoochie and the other at the tail.

Rigging Coho Jig - Part 1

Next slide on your bullet weight.

Rigging Coho Jig - Part 2

Lastly slide on the hoochie

Rigging Coho Jig - Part 3

Then attach the leader to your mainline, and cast away.

For more information about rigs and tackle, please check out the gear page.

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