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Favorite Flatfish for Trout

This is the last of my little series of posts on flatfish lures.

These are very effective lures and sometimes that nice wiggle action will put fish in the boat when other methods fail.

For trout I usually use the F5 size.  Depending on where I’m fishing, and the average size of trout there I might size up as far as an F7 or down to as small as an F3.

For colors there seems to be an infinite variety on display at the store.  However I find that 5 particular color schemes are my go-to colors and consistently work well.

If your local tackle shop has quite a collection (or you look online) you’ll see a bunch of similar patterns that differ in small ways – like a different colored head/tail or slightly different colors.  I consider those variations to be part of the same color scheme.  Sometimes those variations – especially ones that provide additional contrast to the lure – can really be the ticket.


Firetiger – Best when water is colder, or low visibility.   I think it can look like a perch, and that the bright colors can attract the fish.


Rainbow Trout Flatfish

Rainbow Trout – good pretty much all the time.  Can look like a smolt or bait fish.

Flourscent Red FlatFish

Fluorescent Red – great for winter and spring for cold water, or when visibility is low.  I think fish are attracted by its bright colors.

Frog Flatfish

Frog – good when visibility is good and water is warm.  I think it can look like a frog or darker colored bait fish, such as a sculpin.

Silver FlatFish

Silver – good almost all the time.  Can look like a smolt or bait fish.


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