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Getting Better Hookups with a Flatfish

I like fishing with Flatfish lures for trout.  However with the stock setup sometimes you don’t get as good as a hook up as you’d like, especially with the smaller sizes.

In a previous article I talked about how to replace the stock treble hook with a siwash hook.  In this article I’ll cover how to slightly modify the stock hook to give a better hookup ratio.

What you will need is:

First remove the hook from the split ring.  A pair of split ring pliers comes in handy for this.

Prep for Flatfish modification

Second add a second split ring to the first one.

Second splitring flatfish

Lastly add the hook back on the new split ring.

Finished Flatfish

That extra little bit of space between the lure will help get the short strikers, and help get the hook a bit deeper in the mouth for a more solid hookup.

I rarely have problems with lures getting out of tune when I do this, but if you do please follow the steps here.

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