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Freshwater Coho Fishing – Spinners

Not many people use spinners when targeting coho, but they will readily attack them.  It is great for “pocket water” – that is little sections of water that may hold a couple of fish.  Those pockets can be hard to fish with float or drift fishing.

Like any other salmon river fishing technique the key is getting your gear near the bottom.  So coho spinners tend to be heavy to sink fast.

The general technique is to cast out across the current.  Let the spinner sink close to bottom.  Then reel in just slow enough to have the blade spin.

Many salmon spinners use large blades which let you feel them go “thump thump”, as well as attract fish.

Pink, red, and orange are good colors to use.  It is good to have a variety of colors and sizes so you can adapt to different water conditions.

Here are some coho spinners:

Coho Spinners

From left to right – a homemade spinner, a rvrfshr spinner, a Blue Fox Vibrex spinner.

For more information on coho salmon fishing – rigs, techniques and locations – check out the Coho fishing page.


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