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Freshwater Coho Fishing – Twitching Hoochie

One day I was out fishing for silvers with a couple of friends, and we were having a hard day.  We weren’t getting any bites, or even seeing many fish jump the surface.

Finally we found a hole with a bunch of downed trees in it that seemed to have a fair number of fish in it.  We tossed a few different things at them, but weren’t having any luck.

Then one of my friends dove into his tackle box and started rigging up the oddest thing I’ve ever seen – saying “this is what the guides in Alaska all use…”

We all know that coho like jigs, and that we can glue a hoochie onto a jig head, for an easy to make jig.

What I had never seen before was rigging the hoochie kinda like we were going to troll it, but with some weight so we could jig with it.  I don’t know if it has a real name, so I just call it a twitching hoochie.

Well my friend finished rigging his up, and then hooked a fish on his second cast.  You know me and the other guys dove into our tackle boxes after we saw that.

The concept is simple – tie 2 hooks on a line, then slide on a bullet weight in the 1/4 to 1/2 oz range, then push the hoochie on top of that.

Cast it out, and retrieve it like any other jig.

Coho Hoochie Jig

More information about coho fishing can be found here, and detailed instructions for rigging this setup and others are here.

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