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How To Setup a Dick Nite Spoon Drift Fishing Rig

Drift fishing a dick nite can be a deadly setup for pink salmon and coho.  It has also been know to pick up the odd steelhead, king or chum salmon too.

Here are instructions on how to rig this setup.

 When drift fishing it is useful to have high viz mainline so you can track your drift.  I use 10 pound izorline.

There are different kinds of weights and ways to rig it.  I prefer pencil lead weight with a fixed rig.  Slinky weights are another popular choice.

For that you will need a size 7 snap swivel, a piece of pencil lead weight, a dick nite spoon and some leader material.

Every knot in the this I tie the improved clinch knot.

First tie the snap swivel to the mainline.  I like to tie the snap side to the mainline.

Dick Nite Drift Fishing Rig - Step 1

For leader I usually use Maxima Ultragreen, typically 8 pound line.  Although I’ll go down to 6 pound or fluorocarbon if the water is clear.

Cut the leader to the length desired.  About 3 feet is typical.  Although you can go longer or shorter depending on water conditions.

Tie the leader onto the other end of the swivel.

Dick Nite Drift Fishing Rig - Step 2

Next take your pencil lead weight and put it in the snap.

You’ll notice it can’t move up and down the line, which is why this is a fixed weight setup.

Dick Nite Drift Fishing Rig - Step 3

Lastly on the end of the leader tie on the dick nite spoon.

Dick Nite Drift Fishing Rig - Step 4

And there you go, already to fish!


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