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Skagit River Bank Access for Steelhead and Salmon – Hamilton to Marblemount

It can be hard to find bank access on our lakes and rivers, and the Skagit is no exception.

Pink Salmon can be easily caught from shore or boat.  Here is a map of the Skagit river showing well know bank fishing and access locations.  This map focuses on the area between Hamilton to Marblemount.

Like any advice on where to fish, this map is a good starting place, but additional locations can be found if you are willing to do some exploration.

For tips, tricks and techniques on how to catch the various species check out these resources:

Please be mindful of private property, and regardless of where you fish make sure to pack your trash out and keep our outdoors looking good.

For WDFW access locations you can find additional information on their web site.

For more information on fishing for pink salmon, including rigs, techniques and locations please check out the Pink Salmon page.

Pink Salmon Skagit River Bank Access - Hamilton to Marblemount

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