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Snohomish River Pink Salmon Fishing Report – Mid August 2015

This report is actually the composite of a couple of trips.  The majority of the pinks are still out in Puget Sound, but there are enough in the rivers to have some decent fishing.

The hard part in the lower river, at least for me, is finding the fish.  The majority of the water is traveling water and the sameness of the river makes it hard to find traveling lanes.

So the name of the game has been to move until you find fish.  Then as the fish move on to chase them around, or find a new pod.

Both times we launched at Rotary Park, and immediately started cruising the river looking for jumping fish.

During these trips we had the best success around the town of Snohomish and near Fields Riffle.

Twitching pink jigs worked and we got several fish on those.  However I felt that drift fishing a 50/50 Dick Nite spoon worked a bit better.  I feel the slower presentation was key with the warmer water.

It isn’t lights out action yet, but if you keep working hard you’ll be rewarded with some fish.

Pink Salmon caught on Dick Nite

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