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Sockeye Map – Baker Lake

The fishery at Baker Lake started in 2010 as a result of improvements to the hatchery and smolt collection which increased the number of smolt that make the outbound journey to the ocean.  Now not only is it a great fishery in Western Washington, but is one of the most scenic.

This post will cover where to launch and fish for the sockeye in this lake.

There are several boat launches at Baker, and the best source of information is here.

To learn tips and tricks for catching sockeye check out the sockeye page.

Swift Creek and Panorama Point are the most popular launches for the sockeye fishermen, given their proximity to the fishing grounds.  But Horseshoe Cove and Kulshan can be great alternatives as they are quicker to get to, and often less busy.

The Shannon Creek launch is not available for day use – only for campers staying at that campground.  It’s parking is very limited and it is probably the roughest launch.

The fishing is concentrated in the area of the old Baker Lake from before the dam went in.  The main trolling patterns are all east/west following the shorelines.

There are 3 main areas:

  • Swift Creek side – follows the northern shoreline, roughly starting at the point just east of Swift Creek and then heading east.
  • Noisy Creek – follows the southern shoreline, roughly starting just west of the mouth of the creek and heading west.
  • Middle of the lake – the area in between the 2 shorelines

Everyone has their favorite area they think is best, but the reality is the fish pretty much swim around that whole general area.

Keep an eye on the finder and try to stay in water that is at least 100 feet deep.

Baker Lake Sockeye Map

For information on what rigs to use for the Baker Lake sockeye please check this out.

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