Stupid Sockeye Tricks – Ball Flasher

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, its time for another stupid sockeye trick.

Spinner blades are a good way to attract sockeye to your gear.  You can use a gang troll on your line, but I’ve never liked them because of all the drag they create.An alternative is to attach the gang troll directly to the downrigger ball.  The result will look like this:

Downrigger Ball Gang Troll

You can use the same gang trolls you would attach to your fishing line.  A Ford Fender works quite well.  Or you can buy ones especially made to attach to downrigger balls.  Check out tackle shops that sell kokanee gear.

A couple of things to remember when using this setup.

First, you will have to use a stacker clip on the downrigger line.  Make sure to leave some space between the clip and the flasher.  Otherwise if they get too close those spinner blades will start wrapping around the fishing line.

Second, lower your downrigger slowly to prevent that flasher from getting too close to the fishing line.  That will also help prevent tangles.

Nothing is worse than working hard to get a fish on, and then loosing it because the fishing line is wrapped around something like the ball flasher.

For more sockeye fishing tips check out this page.

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