Stupid Sockeye Tricks – Rudder Flasher

Here is another Stupid Sockeye Trick.  If you have studied the sockeye fishing basics, then you know that sockeye are attracted to flash in the water – which is why we use nice shiny dodgers and spinner blades.  After a certain point, however, adding more/bigger flashy stuff to our lines just increases the amount of drag when fighting the fish.

An alternative is adding a rudder flasher.A rudder flasher is a simple device – usually a pendant shaped piece of metal – that you can attach to your downrigger between the downrigger cable and the ball.

Most models have a location at the end you can attach your downrigger clip to.

Because it stays attached to the downrigger, you don’t have to fight any extra drag when you have that fish on.

Here is a picture of mine all setup.

Downrigger Rudder Flasher

Multiple colors and sizes are available, so look around until you find what you like.

For more sockeye fishing tricks check out this page.


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