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Best Present Ideas For Fishermen

Its that time of year again when you are shopping for Christmas presents for your favorite fishermen and/or fisherwomen.  It can be hard finding the perfect gift – especially for the angler that seems to have everything.

Regardless of if your angler fishes for salmon, steelhead, trout, walleye, bass, pike, muskie, perch, crappie, ling cod, or other species these ideas are bound to cover something he needs.

Many of these work well as gifts year round for things like birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions.


Everyone needs to wear clothes – even when fishing.  Here are some ideas that cover you up, and keep you comfortable.


Having a good set of waders is important to keep you not only dry, but comfortable while walking from spot to spot.  They also need to be easy to put on and take off.  This one is well reviewed, but doesn’t break the bank.

As it is a stocking foot wader it needs to be paired with a set of wading boots.  This one has interchangable soles, which is great since you can match the sole to the type of material you’ll be wading over and local regulations.

Fishing Vest

We’ve all seen fly fishermen with their vests with various fishing items in the pockets.  Those pockets sure come in handy holding all the various items and tools you need.  What I really like is a vest that doubles as a PFD, providing some extra safety if you slip and fall into the water.  The model below does all that, and has a mesh back which keeps you from getting too hot.  This is a favorite of many people, including a good friend of mine.

Shirt and Pants

It can be hard to find good clothes for fishing, since you may start early in the morning when it is a bit chilly and then fish in mid-day.  This shirt is one of my favorites as the long sleeves are great when it is cooler, but easily roll up when it is hot.  The material is also very comfortable and provides UPF 30 protection for your skin.  What is even better is it comes in a variety of sizes, so even if you are a big guy you can get one that fits you.

You’ll want to match them with the convertible pants, which go from long legged pants to shorts in just a few seconds.  These also provide UPF protection from the sun, as well as extra pockets to hold things.


I fish year round, and few things make me more uncomfortable than cold feet.  Probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made has been to get a nice pair of insulated rubber boots.  They keep my feet wet and dry, even when getting into the water to launch/retrieve the boat.

In the summer I like to wear shoes that I can get wet, but dry quickly and are comfortable, but don’t get my feet hot.  These wetsuit boots are perfect for that – especially when boating.

Fishing Gear

Every angler needs gear to fish with, and here are some great recommendations.

Trout Rod and Reel

A rod and reel are a fisherman’s main tool, and it is worth it to invest is good tools.  This reel is a gem for fishing for trout, but works great for other species too.  G Loomis is a great brand and one I really like.

I’d pair it with my favorite spinning reel.  A fishing guide friend of mine used to buy other reels, but he’d wind up having to replace them almost every year given the cheap construction and heavy use.  This reel, however, has lasted him for several years and is still going.  Well worth the money to have something that not only works great, but lasts forever.

Bass Rod and Reel

If bass fishing is your loved one’s thing, then he’ll love using this rod.  It is a top brand known for durability and rods that are a joy to use.

He’ll love that rod paired with this awesome reel.  This is one of my favorite casting reels and mine works well even after many years of use.


Everyone needs a good net to land their fish.  I like this one because it folds up small, has a long telescoping handle and nice net material that protects the fish for catch and release.

Line clippers are a very useful tool, that no fisherman and live without.  It also makes a great stocking stuffer.

A pair of pliers is also an essential tool – from removing hooks to emergency repairs it has to do it all.  This one is stylish and works like a charm.

Fly Fishing

Rod and Reel

Getting into fly fishing can be intimidating, but this starter kit gives you everything you need to get started.  Not only does it include rod, reel, and fly line – it even has a case to protect your rod when not in use.

Fly Tying

Nothing is quite as rewarding as catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself.  Tying flies can is easy and a relaxing activity – especially during those winter months when weather prevents you from fishing more.  This kit includes everything you need to get started.

After you mastered the handful of patterns included in the starter kit, then this book can teach you more.  This book is also spiral bound, which helps it lay flat for reference while tying.

And of course you’ll need more materials for those additional flies you are going to tie up.


If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for your fly fisherman then look no further than this rainbow trout themed tool set.

Fishing Tackle

Lures make great gifts and stocking stuffers.  Here are some favorites.

Boat Gear

Many fishermen also own boats, and need to keep the boat stocked up with vital equipment to ensure the best experience out on the water.

Drift Socks

Drift socks are something that many boat owners overlook, but can be really handy.  They can slow down the speed of the boat – either when trolling or drifting with the wind – to help get that perfect presentation that will catch fish.

Dock Lines

Elastic dock lines can aborb shocks and put less strain on your boat while tied up.  This line makes a great present.


It doesn’t matter if you are looking to keep your favorite beverage cold, or preseve your catch for eating – a quality cooler is important.  Your average cooler has minimal insolation and doesn’t do that great of a job – especially on hot days and long trips.  You’d like to get a Yeti cooler, but can’t justify the cost.  Well the RTIC cooler has great performance, but doesn’t cost as much.

Fish Finder

A good fish finder is key to success out on the water.  Many people just use the one they bought with the boat years ago.  Time for an upgrade!


A downrigger is a great device for fishing at controlled depths.  But it can be wearing hauling that heavy downrigger ball up and down all the time.  Consider getting your loved one an electric downrigger, so he can focus on fishing, not cranking up heavy weights.

First Aid Kit

Every boat should have a good first aid kit in it, for those on-water emergencies.  Even if you already have a kit it is good to replace them periodically as some of the materials break down or might have become damaged.


Seeing a boat tied up on the dock while the owner works on motor issues is unfortunately a too common sight.  Keeping a set of tools on board can help get back up and running quickly.


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