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How To Tie a Peacock Carey Special Fly

The Peacock Carey Special fly is one that I have a lot of success with in western Washington lakes.  It has exactly what you’d expect of a good stillwater fly pattern – lots of flowing fibers, to give it an alive look when retrieved.

Even if you aren’t a fly fisherman, this is a good weapon to have in your arsenal.

I like it in Olive and Yellow Olive, but other colors have their time and place.

This pattern was taught to me by my good friend “Super” Dave Neilson, who passed away last year.  Like Dave it is a fish catching machine.

To tie it you need:

  • Size 8 hook
  • Olive Ringtail Hump Hackle
  • Strung Peacock Herl
  • Olive thread

Tying it is simple:

  • Lay a thread base
  • Use some of the webby fibers from the ringtail hackle to make a short tail
  • Wrap the peacock herl to form the body
  • Tie in what is left of the ringtail feather at the head and wrap it so those long stiff fibers are sticking out at all angles
  • Push the fibers down to the body and form a thread head

Here is a video where I demonstrate it.

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