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Installing New Boat Stickers

Over the winter I spent some time and removed the old vinyl stickers on the sides of my boat.  I figured G Loomis wasn’t doing anything for me, so why should I be advertising for them?

I’ve long wanted to replace them with something else, but took a while to come up with the right thing.  I also didn’t want to spend much money on stickers.

However, after a friend of mine informed me that there was a vinyl cutter available for employee use at our workplace, I was determined to come up with some good ideas and do it.

I bought a roll of vinyl, and then crafted my boat name in Word.  Then met up with my friend one evening after work, and we spent some time with the vinyl cutter.

A little work at home, and the stickers got applied just fine.

Here are the results:

Boat Lettering - Fishful Thinking

Boat Lettering - GoneFishingNW

What do you think?

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