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Puget Sound Crabbing July 2016

When I tell my wife that I’m going fishing, I usually get a resigned “Ok, dear.”  But when I tell her I’m going crabbing she replies with enthusiasm and excitement.  Unfortunately, I don’t get out crabbing as much as I like to.

This year a friend invited me to go out with him one day to do some crabbing in Puget Sound.  Since he is the best crabber I know, my response was “What time do we meet?”

We launched out of Everett, and were quickly under weigh.  He prepped the crab pots while I steered the boat through the no wake zone.  By the time we reached the end of the zone, all 4 pots were loaded with bait and ready to be dropped.

After a short boat ride to his secret crabbing spot, we dropped the pots.  He likes lining his pots perpendicular to the current, so the scent of the pots covers the largest possible area.

We spent about an hour passing the time by fishing for flounder nearby, and then it was time to pull the pots.

This time each pot wasn’t jam packed like usual, but did have a higher percentage of keepers in them.  By the time we had all the pots in, we 10 keeper Dungeness crab and a bonus red rock crab.

July 2016 Crabbing

We secured all the gear, and headed back into shore.

My wife was thrilled to hear I got my limit, and we enjoyed an excellent meal that evening.

Red Rock Crab Pleas for help


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