Disposable Cheap Fishing Rags

It is a given that while you are fishing your hands will get dirty – covered with fish slime, bait, scent, etc…

I originally started using old towels, but got complaints when the messy and stinky towels wound up in the laundry.

Now I’ve found an approach that keeps everyone happy and works great for cleanup.

I buy painters towels and use them.  Because it is terry cloth it works great for getting that gunk off your hands, boat and gear.  While out fishing you can even rinse them off in the water, if needed.

When one becomes too dirty, then just throw it away when putting your gear away at the end of the day.

I buy them in bulk at stores like Home Depot and Lowes, so they average out to 30 cents a rag.

I throw a few in the tackle bag and in the boat, so I have extras if needed.

Cheap Fishing Towels


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